In Alnut, we’ve taken a further step in our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility by becoming a B Corp company.

This certification validates our firm commitment to good environmental and social performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility. By joining the B Corp community, we’re partnering with over 7,000 companies worldwide who share the same mission: transforming the global economy and addressing challenges ranging from combating climate change to social and economic equality.

What is B Corp?

The B Corp certification is a recognition of the efforts companies make to promote the well-being and health of customers, workers, the community, the environment, and the planet.

The B Corp certification distinguishes companies that not only seek to maximize value for shareholders but are also committed to generating a positive impact on society and the environment. These companies focus on creating social, environmental, and economic value for all stakeholders, including workers, suppliers, customers, communities, as well as the environment in which they operate.

B Certified companies lead a global movement that promotes ethics and innovation, contributing to the building of a more sustainable, shared, and enduring future.

How did we achieve this?

In just one year, we obtained a prestigious certification after undergoing a rigorous assessment by B Lab®. This assessment covers five key areas: Governance, Workers, Customers, Community, and Environment. Our results are publicly available on their website.

During this process, we responded to numerous questions and provided evidence to demonstrate our efforts and progress over the years. This has allowed us to qualify for some of the established impact models, such as reducing toxins or alleviating poverty in the value chain.

After one year, we stood out as a transformative company that positively contributes to the global economy, people, and the environment.

However, this commitment to the environment and society is not new for us…


Our actions speak for us

For several years now, at Alnut, we have had a specific management system to contribute to the transformation of the environment and actively care for the planet. These measures include the use of fully recyclable packaging, improvements in the efficiency of thermal treatments, and the installation of equipment to optimize energy consumption, as well as the use of clean energies, such as solar energy.

Since our foundation in 2010, at Alnut, we have been dedicated to manufacturing healthy foods for children, maintaining high standards of food safety certified by IFS and BRC.

With significant growth, we currently operate in more than 20 countries on 4 continents, collaborating with clients to develop over 400 products. Always maintaining unwavering principles of quality and food safety, at Alnut, we invest more than 2% of our turnover in quality controls.

Under our motto ‘Your partner for creating healthy and natural food,’ we see this certification as an encouragement to continue manufacturing healthy and natural products for brands and retailers that can reach every household.